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Parade in downtown San Jose (1)
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05-07-03: Barbara Peddy wrote...

This parade is the "Fiesta de las Rosas" and was held every year in San Jose. It was assisted by the San Jose Womans Club.

8/19/2004 10:09:29 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Milt, I can remember actually seeing the Fiesta de los San Jose parade when I was very very young. I just remember flowered floats. As I grew older, I remember hearing about. The parade was around 1931 or 1932. We went to my uncle's home on The Alameda. I believe it started in Santa Clara and went out The Alameda - West Santa Clara and down First St or the other way around. I don't know what year those parades started, but I think the depression did them in. The Photographers' picture reminds me Alum Rock Park. Not much help I'm afraid.

Jack Atkinson Vancouver, WA x San Jose most of my life.

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